About Us

American Construction & Engineering Co. specializes in concrete restoration, glass railing systems, balcony and facade restoration, waterproofing, caulking, epoxy and grout injection, chemical cleaning and exterior painting.

We work closely with engineers, architects, managers and owners to keep the project on time and within budget while executing the structural and aesthetic restoration according to plan.

Why To Choose Us

License CGC1511115

Our own License; Copy enclosed

Competitive Pricing

Creating a larger business presence in the area. Ready and willing to negotiate.

Proven Management

Create Competitive advantages Track record of success


Our own Insurance; Copy enclosed

Grants & Training

$1.37 million grant, 50 to 100% training reimbursement. Copy enclosed

Customer Satisfaction

Every project completed satisfactory Make mistakes but will make them right

Workers' Compensation

No Loss Record; Paid Dividend; FUBA

Medium Size

100-150 Employees. Small enough to care, yet big enough for results.

Not Small

Large support network Material Buying Power; Cash & Volume Economies of scale